Axiatonal Alignment

Rejuvenates your body and energy system through Axiatonal Alignment.

Powerful Healing Tool

An Axiatonal Alignment was originally developed by Janet Digiavanni, and it is a simple yet powerful “Tune Up” of the energy system.

The human body is an energetic system.

It is a powerful healing tool that works to re-connect and align the meridian lines of the body, to enable your energy system to function smoothly, and rejuvenates all levels (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).

We all have a field of subtle energy which is often referred to as the Auric field or Etheric body.

This Etheric body is made up of emotional, spiritual, and mental particles.

There is energy everywhere. A term for this is Ether or Consciousness.

Everything is consciousness. Consciousness does not have a location, in a physical world you see physical locations distances, and dimensions, but Consciousness can teleport from one end of the universe to the other.

This energy extends from the ground, into the atmosphere and out into the universe.

We also have Axiatonal lines known as acupuncture or meridian lines, which are energy pathways that supply our physical bodies with vital energy

Imagine when you sit in the same position for a while and your legs start to feel numb and you start to experience “pins and needles”.

 When you shift your position and the circulation is restored, your legs start to “wake up”.  Well, your “energy circulatory system” can disconnect and fall asleep too.

Benefits of Axiatonal Alignment

  • Becoming fully relaxed.
  • Opening your Meridian channels and removing blockages.
  • Balancing your chakras and the polarity of the body.
  • Shielding the energy system of the body from negative energy.
  • Releasing any physical, emotional, or spiritual limitation.
  • Balancing, relaxing, rejuvenating and harmonizing the body.
  • Clearing negative emotional patterns.
  • Deeper meditation for those who meditate.
  • Powerfully boosting the effects of other therapies.
  • Balancing, centering, and focusing.
  • Having a sense of wellbeing: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
  • Eliminating old thoughts patterns and behaviours that cause negative effects.
  • Helping find new patterns/behaviors that are more appropriate.

Effects of an Axiatonal Alignment

Connecting & Grounding

Everybody is different and we all need different balancing and centering as we all deal with different emotional patterns.

Here is some feedback I received from different clients:
Some clients have noticed different sensations during an Alignment.

Others feel that they have shifted or moved on the treatment table.

Some have reported that they felt as if their head was being twisted gently or that their body was being twisted or turned.

I have worked with this man who saw colors and felt a tingling sensation to the movement of energy.

Others experienced physical issues like headache, or diarrhea.

These symptoms are short lived and usually vanish within a day.

Frequency Of Treatment

Some practitioners believe that a person should not receive more than one Alignment per month.

It’s important that one must allow themselves to be positively affected by the Alignment and practice living according to the Tree of Life, then perhaps they would not need another Alignment for a while.

Others who face regular battles, will benefit from a more frequent treatment.

I strongly believe that we feel when our energy is not in balance, that’s when your body is telling you that it’s time for an Alignment.

Axiatonal Alignment

Axiatonal Alignment is a powerful healing tool that works to re-connect and align the meridian lines of the body, to enable your energy system to function smoothly, and rejuvenates all levels (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).


The Treatment

A treatment lasts 20 to 30 minutes and it is done in three parts:

1) First, we clear the meridians of Axiatonal Lines of blocked energy allowing for the free flow of Chi (Ki or prana) energy.

2) The second part of the treatment is done to balance the right and the left sides of the body and brain, and

3) The third part of the treatment reconnects you to Christ Consciousness grid.

During the treatment as you will be lying down on the treatment table fully clothed.

I will systematically be moving from the head down to the feet gently touching and /or tapping on specific “spin” (small vortices of energy that emit light and sound frequency)  along the body that lay along meridian lines.


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Rejuvenates your body and energy system through Axiatonal Alignment.