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Get started on the new you with Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss.

​Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

If you are sincerely interested in learning more about ​hypnotherapy for weight loss, it is important you take a moment to reconsider those words. Note that the title does not use the term “weight loss”. This is because anything we lose we also tend to go looking for afterward. Though that might seem more like semantics than anything else, it is an important concept.

If you phrase the plan to control your weight as “management”, it lets you begin the entire process with a clear understanding that it is an ongoing and continuous activity. When you stick to the term weight loss, it sounds like a finite thing – and that is one main reason you might find yourself relocating those lost pounds. Managing is, well…managing. So, if you tell your mind that you are not temporarily sacrificing in order to lose, but instead beginning the process of better managing weight, you are far more likely to succeed.

The Belief Behind Weight

Believing something does not necessarily mean it is true. We just looked at the way we can change outcomes by believing more in the idea of weight management instead of weight loss. We can also do this by understanding the idea of “limiting beliefs”. These are ideas that you repeat to yourself and turn them into your own reality – even if they are not at all true.

For example, many people head to a hypnotist to begin weight management with hypnosis believing some of the following:

  • Everyone in my family is fat
  • I will never lose weight
  • When I lose weight I will put it back
  • I won’t be able to eat foods I like

As you may realize, such concepts are not going to support your weight management plans. Instead, they are ways of resigning yourself to conditions that you dislike. For example, if you need to shed some pounds and yet tell yourself it will never happen, well, that limiting belief is probably going to sabotage your weight management efforts.

If you preface the entire weight management plan with the “belief” that nothing you eat is tasty or to your liking, you’ll never be able to alter your eating habits to better, healthier and weight management friendly options.

Replacing Beliefs with Hypnosis for Weight Loss

So, how ​does hypnotherapy for weight loss work? Essentially, ​hypnotism for weight loss helps you to reprocess your thoughts, shifting you away from those limiting beliefs and replacing them with positive behaviors, habits and thoughts. So, let’s look at those limiting beliefs again, and this time we’ll add the replacement thought:

  • Everyone in my family is fat…I am the exception to the rule, in fact, I am exceptional!
  • I will never lose weight…I will reach a healthy weight goal through permanent lifestyle changes
  • When I lose weight I will put it back… I can get to my ideal weight and manage it
  • I won’t be able to eat foods I like…I cannot wait to try the many delicious and healthy foods I’ve been missing

Of course, it is never about self-affirmations alone. We do a lot of pre-talk to understand what issues are related to your unhealthy weight. For example, if you are someone who eats for comfort, we need to identify that behavior and then use hypnosis to help you reframe eating or food in your mind. Maybe you are struggling with low self-esteem or you lack confidence. Are any of these issues also making it difficult for you to succeed at weight management?

For instance, maybe you want to join a gym but don’t have the self-confidence to do so because of your body image or your negative feelings about your weight? If so, hypnosis can help you to overcome the anxiety or lack of confidence that is preventing you from reaching your goals.

Hypnosis for weight loss sessions for those seeking better control over weight management will probably involve pre-talk, time spent in reaching a deeply relaxed state and then key time spent learning new behaviors, beliefs and coping strategies. For example, we may revisit instances when food or poor lifestyle choices led you to behave in a way counter to your weight management goals. We then find ways to view them calmly and rehearse methods of dealing with them more effectively. Ultimately, the aim​ of hypnotism for weight lossis to empower you to handle challenges without resorting to eating or unhealthy activities.

As you can see, ​hypnotherapy for weight loss is not like the average diet plan. While you may want to eliminate some unwanted pounds, when you frame your goals as weight management, it also involves a much broader set of lifestyle changes. Hypnosis for weight loss really optimizes everything by beginning at the most basic level; addressing the limiting ideas or negative self-speak that has locked you into an unhealthy or undesirable pattern. By opening the mind with hypnosis for losing weight, you can teach yourself to think and behave differently, liberating you from any yo yo dieting issues, losing and regaining weight, plummeting self-esteem, and all of the rest. Instead, you can begin effective hypnosis for weight loss management that lets you focus on living your life and not remaining constantly focused on your weight.

How Hypnosis Works

When hypnosis is performed by a certified professional, it will place you in a trance state that leaves you highly “suggestive”. This then allows the hypnotherapist to treat the anxiety condition that was revealed in your pre-treatment evaluations.

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Get started on the new you with Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss.