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Hypnotherapist, Author, and Body Language Trainer

Elena Petrescu’s Hypnotherapy empower you to Rewire you Mind, position your life by Design not by Default, Produce Profits, Productivity & Generate Lasting Results.

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I Empower And Motivate You To Change…

Elena Petrescu is a celebrated success trainer and dynamic personal transformation leader. Elena is known for her innovative training and down-to-earth approach that quickly helps to transition people from situations of difficulty towards genuine empowerment.

With over fifteen years of financial industry experience, powerful Hypnosis, NLP and Body Language Training she has helped hundreds of individuals overcome challenges and achieve results.

All sessions are strictly confidential. Call (905) 813-8178 now to schedule your free appointment so you can begin your journey to achieve:

  • Peace of mind

  • Confidence

  • Change unwanted behavior

  • Gain a healthy body image

  • Better relationships

  • Self Awareness

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    What clients have to say...


    Executive U of T


    Business Owner


    Business Owner, Coach & Author

    Thank you Elena for writing a simple yet in-depth book on hypnosis! I feel like your book is Hypnosis made easy! I love it!

    Deborah Blohm

    Gem Healer, Author and Gemologist

    I now have the skills and tools, I am able to reframe the way I think. I didn't realise that I still go back to old programming. Elena you've shown me how I can now instantly change thee way I think, refocus, and obtain desired outcome instantly.

    Helga Klopcic

    Author, The# GirlBozMind Series

    Elena you helped me get in touch with a passion that I've actually buried, and that is a huge thing.

    Joan Bowley

    Business Owner, Photo Reading Training


    Busines Owner


    Medical Field


    Director of Purchasing


    Instant Mind Empowerment

    This book is intended for every open mind and heart with a deep, driving desire to make a difference and achieve. The principles and strategies you gain in these pages show you how to overcome any challenge – so you can have, do and be, whatever you want.

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    Creating Customers for Life

    Gain access to The Serious Business Owner’s Guide to Creating Customers for Life, a free eBook valued at $37. Enter your Name & Email to receive a copy for FREE!

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    Read Elena's Blog


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