Hypnotherapist, Author, and Body Language Trainer

Elena Petrescu’s Hypnotherapy empower you to Rewire you Mind, position your life by Design not by Default, Produce Profits, Productivity & Generate Lasting Results.

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I empower and motivate you to change…

Elena Petrescu is a celebrated success trainer and dynamic personal transformation leader. Elena is known for her innovative training and down-to-earth approach that quickly helps to transition people from situations of difficulty towards genuine empowerment.

With over fifteen years of financial industry experience, powerful Hypnosis, NLP and Body Language Training she has helped hundreds of individuals overcome challenges and achieve results.

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Elena Petrescu - Transformational Hypnotist

My Mission is To Make a Difference in Your Life

Service Offerings

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Body Language

Recognize the true meaning of body language & facial expressions.


Combat everything from stress to bad habits and trauma through Hypnosis.

Stress & Anxiety

Liberate your mind from old patterns, anxiety, fear and stress.

Stop Smoking

Create healthier habits and understand that you can manage your life in a new way.

Weight Management

Influence your mind to change habits like overeating.


Live your life without fear by overcoming challenges.

Enhance Performance

Training that leads to better concentration and a reduction in stress.

Past Life Regression

Recover memories of past lives or incarnations.

Energy Healing

Rejuvenates your body and energy system through Axiatonal Alignment.

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Understanding Hypnosis

Within this guide, you will discover what hypnosis is, how it can work for you, who hypnosis is a good fit for, and what hypnosis can be used to treat, in addition to other important topics.

Instant Mind Empowerment

This book is intended for every open mind and heart with a deep, driving desire to make a difference and achieve. The principles and strategies you gain in these pages show you how to overcome any challenge – so you can have, do and be, whatever you want.