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Elena Petrescu is a seasoned Entrepreneur, Certified Hypnotist & Body Language Expert with over 22 dynamic years in the world of business.

Her journey began as an accountant, where she honed her financial prowess working with top-level CEO’s, business owners, helping them navigate the intricate financial landscape.

Driven by relentless passion for personal growth, she specializes in dismantling those stubborn limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Whether it’s imposter syndrome, fear of failure or any mental roadblocks she’ll guide you to tap into your full potential.

With her expertise in Body language, she’ll teach you the art of authentic client conversion, sealing deals with integrity and empathy.

Elena is a:

  • Published Author
  • Body Language Expert & Trainer
  • Mentor & Coach

To catalyze business transformation, she blends her financial acumen and mind-body expertise, whether it’s boosting your confidence, closing deals, or decoding non-verbal cues for better connections, she’s got your back.

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Elena Petrescu
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