This article covers the functions of our brain, as I strongly believe that by understanding how our brain functions is our key to accomplishing our goals, desires, and dreams.

I want you to imagine two individuals within you: your conscious mind and your unconscious mind.

Your conscious mind controls the balancing of logic, discrimination and reasoning. Your conscious mind acts as a censor to accept or reject suggestions before they go into your unconscious mind. Your conscious mind forms the thoughts you command and hear ‘in your head’ on a daily basis.

On the other hand, your unconscious mind is the ‘feeling mind’. It is where you store memories and feelings. Your unconscious mind never argues with your conscious mind, and always seeks to fulfill your wishes. It constantly receives an abundance of information from everything around you, and filters through information to store and send to your conscious mind.

Any given second we are bombarded with 4 billion bits of information. Imagine all the colors available in our visual CORTEX, internal and external sounds, thoughts, and distant noises available to us, feelings, liver enzyme production, and blood flow. All of the information that we receive is being filtered by our RAS (Reticular Activated System) which takes instructions from our conscious mind and passes them on to our unconscious.

Our RAS shifts through the 4 billion bits of information and comes up with approximately 2000 bits to be interested in. This includes us being safe from traffic, spotting danger, seeing familiar faces.

Consciously we can only process a maximum of 7 plus or minus 2 bits of information at any given time. Unconsciously we can process billions of bits of information at any given time.

That is correct only 9 bits of information. Now do you understand why we have such a short span of attention.

As we focus on one thing other things drop from awareness. Then do you agree with the fact that the RAS is an essential tool for achieving goals. Is it correct then to say that one can deliberately PROGRAM the RAS by choosing the exact message you send from your conscious mind?

For Example:

You can set goals,
Say affirmations, or
visualize your goals.

Napoleon Hill said:

“We can achieve any realistic goal if we keep on thinking of that goal and stop thinking any negative thoughts about it. If we keep thinking that we can’t achieve a goal, our unconscious mind will help us not achieve it. This is because our RAS can’t distinguish between real events, and synthetic reality. “

Over the years working with clients from different walks of life I realized that one of the obstacle’s that stands in one’s way of success is that INNER VOICE that tends to be critical and harsh. That internal dialog that the RAS filters and transfers to our unconscious mind. If that Internal dialog is positive, then positive results are being embedded. If that internal dialog is negative, negative results are being embedded.

Make no mistake about it, you are what you think. As you change your thoughts, you change your destiny.

For you to change your world, you must begin within your own mind. As you change your attitude and mind, you change your world.

“If you want to change your life you must first change your mind”

Change is Possible
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