What Are Daily Affirmations?
Daily affirmations are positive statements designed to foster a positive mental attitude.

The unconscious mind is the feeling mind and does not understand negative language. The unconscious mind is always in the present moment.

The words “no”, “not”, and “don’t”, are neutral words as far as your unconscious mind is concerned.

When we tell ourselves what we don’t want it just reinforces the outcome.

Expressing oneself in the present moment is the best way to start creating the image of what you want.

Most of our worries and fears don’t exist in the present moment they are usually memories from the past that might be happening right now or throughout the future.

We tend to resurrect our memories from the past and bring them in the present moment. By resurrecting them means that they keep happening over and over.
WE usually resurrect unpleasant memories not pleasant ones.

Focusing our attention on the present moment helps you stop from resurrecting memories. There are many ways to we can intergrade to help us feel positive. Affirmations is one way.

Affirmations need to be in the present tense, positive and specific.

Affirmations need to be in the present tense because the unconscious mind does not understand negations.

Words are very powerful. Words have the influence to convey ideas, feelings, sensations, action, and images. Whether you are thinking, writing, reading, listening, or speaking, be aware of how words can dramatically impact your mental state.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t want, always use positive words in the present tense to create feelings and images of what you want to feel and experience.

Here is a “I AM” affirmations I’ve created that will help you create better positive feelings, and images of what you want.


“I am youthful and filled with positive mental energy”

“I am safe and protected from all harm and injury”

“I am lucky and successful in everything that I do and say today”

“I am happy-happy-happy all day long”

“I am a magic magnet for riches and abundance.”

“I attract happiness and success in abundance.”

“I attract love-love-love wherever I go.”

“I attract good health and youthful vitality.”

“I attract money-money-money in abundance.”

‘I attract power and success in everything I say and do”