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Practitioner Program

The Practitioner Program

Part 1- Master Micro Expressions

  • You will master the 7 basic Micro Expressions

  • Spot the 26 variations of the 7 basic Micro Expressions

  • 1 Year subscription, to learn at your own pace

  • Over 300 videos to practice at your own pace in the comfort of your home

  • Part 2- Practitioner Program – (12 hours)

  • Practitioner Manual

  • Learn how to detect lies and read Micro Expressions

  • Learn the basics of the BLINK TECHNIQUE. This technique is good for sales and negotiations.

  • Discover how to interpret the body language code

  • Discover how to Lead Effective Conversations

  • Over 60 hours of bonus material

  • Increase Your Emotional Intelligence be 10%

  • Certificate if you score 80% or higher.

  • 1 Year subscription to access the training.

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