Facial Emotions Practitioner Program (3x Instalment)

$110.00 / month for 3 months



Micro Expressions Practitioner Certification

Get Access to METV all the Micro Expressions and all the 26 Variations.

  • Discover the basics of the Klink Technique. Get an answer to any questions without people even knowing that you’ve asked it – perfect for Sales and negotiations.
  • Read Micro Expressions in Conversation. Using the 4 K videos, learn to detect lies and read emotions in fast paced, real world conversations, even when people show conflicting signals.
  • Increase Your Emotional Intelligence by 10%
  • Access to over 60 hour of bonus material! Interviews with other experts, Q&A sessions and more.
  • Free included Q&A session. After you followed the complete course, you can schedule your free Q&A call to answer all your remaining questions about the training content.

Everything you need to know:

  • Where and when? Online at your own pace starting immediately after you register below.
  • Your Investment? $299.00 plus HST gives you immediate access to a complete online Training.
  • How Long? The online course is done at your own pace. The Practitioner contains 16 hours of course material as well as 60 hours of optional bonus material. Most students spread the course over 4 weeks, watching/exercising about 4 hours per week. If you chained yourself to your computer, you could power through in two days.
  • How do I get certified? Complete the course online, and you’ll be given a theoretical and practical test.
  • Don’t worry, you will receive all the support you need to pass. Before you complete the theoretical test, you can schedule a Q&A call with me (included for free) and I will answer all your questions about the training content.
  • How Long Will I Get Access to the Material for? Access for the material will be for one full year, this is enough time for you to cover the whole material. If you want after one year to continue to have access to the METV and over 300 videos you can do so for only $97/year.

3 Payments of $110.00 + HST



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