Understanding Hypnosis Guide


Understanding Hypnosis Guide



Understanding Hypnosis Guide

In this easy to read book, you will discover how to use hypnosis and achieve powerful changes. Learn how hypnosis can help with weight loss, anxiety, stress, treating phobias, quit smoking and much more.

When it’s all said and done, hypnosis is neither hype nor magic. It’s a scientifically proven phenomenon that allows you to set aside your conscious mind and address your unconscious mind. While hypnosis is not magic, and will require that  you set concrete goals and then work toward those with your therapist, it does provide a unique solution that does not rely on medication, comes with no adverse side effects, and can he applied to virtually anyone, of any age or background.

Hypnosis has been studied in depth to become an integral part of holistic health, therapy and self-improvement. It provides the means to address underlying issues beneath persistent problem behaviors, bad habits, phobias, and provides solutions to help you achieve goals, such as to improve personal performance on the job, in school or in sports



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