Stress, Anxiety & Depression

What Is Anxiety?

We all experience some Anxiety from time to time, and it is a common human experience if it does not get out of hand.

Anxiety is a very common mental health challenge that is experienced in a number of forms, including phobias, social anxiety, panic attacks and more. Anxiety is something that you are doing, feeling of worry about something that may never happen. Some people hear or tell themselves something and then feel anxious, others may remember something and then react to it by feeling anxious.

Anxiety has been described as a network of neural clusters in the brain that create an area of association. When we do something with repetition and frequency the mind created an unconscious pattern, every time we repeat the behaviour or activity, we reinforce the unconscious pattern, the more we reinforce the unconscious pattern the harder and more difficult it becomes to control.

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Research in neuroscience tells us that the brain is malleable and can change by interrupting the unconscious pattern running. Each time we interrupt the pattern running we rewire the brain. The idea is to stop the destructive pattern, and then connect the mind to a more resourceful state, like relaxation, calmness, and peace. This will trigger immediate relief by breaking the neural cluster that kept the anxiety active.

Now that you understand that you are generating the anxiety and it does not just descend out of nowhere.

Let me share with you one technique I have learned, that interrupts the anxiety so you can move towards changing your internal state.

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