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Millions of people today struggle with issues like depression, anxiety, low self esteem, while others face difficult challenges from weight gain and smoking to alcoholism and destructive patterns.

HYPNOSIS has been scientifically proven to deliver dramatic benefits when combined with the right teacher. Whether you’re looking for a way to combat obesity, put down cigarettes for good, deal with persistent bad habits, overcome and address traumas from your past, or want to set and manifest goals.

Here is how Hypnosis has helped improved the lives of my clients.

Thank you Elena for writing a simple yet in-depth and understandable book on hypnosis! I feel like your book is Hypnosis made easy! I loved it.

Deborah Blohm

Gem Healer, Author and Gemologist

I now have the skills and tools, I am able to reframe the way I think , I didn’t realise that I still go back to old programming. Elena you’ve shown me how I can now instantly change the way I think, refocus, and obtain desired outcome instantly.

Helga Klopcic

Author, (The GirlBizMind Series)

Elena you have help me to get in touch with a passion that I’ve actually buried, and that is a huge thing.

Joan Bowley

Business Owner

There is a tendency for people to have some insecurity about sharing their inner worries and fears with other people, however Elena's calming and positive guidance contributed towards me remembering my strengths and personal attributes. I will definitely sign up for more sessions with her. I recommend her strongly.



My training with Elena was a wonderful experience. A few minutes short exercise boosted my energy and clarity, been able to concentrate more and stay focused at work and get more done. Thank you Elena.


Business Owner

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