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Tammy’s Breakthrough

Let me tell you about one interesting phobia encounter in my practice. My office at that times was located on the fourth floor of Argentia Road, I’ve moved since to my current location that is now on the ground floor.

Tammy came to see me, to find out if hypnosis was a good fit for her, she was skeptical, so she brough a friend to her 1st hypnosis session.

That day after her session with me, Tammy walked out of my office and took the elevator on her way down with her friend. That was her 1st time entering an elevator in 10 years.

What Is Phobia?

Dave Elman a respected hypnotist describes phobia as an abnormal fear. Phobias are an unconscious reaction that is why they are hard to control consciously. Having a phobia can limit us in life, an individual may rearrange their life to avoid a phobia.

Phobias that are not addressed can cause long term anxiety, and have the potential to spread in other areas of your life. I remember working with this client who had this phobia about cleanliness, he would wash his hands very often, and this escalated to the extent that he was wearing gloves in public all the time.

Many individuals have phobias , some people will refuse to get on a elevator, a plane, others are scared of spiders, cats, or snakes.

If you have a phobia that you want to eliminate then you are in the right place.

I remember when I was in Las Vegas in 2017 for one of my Hypnosis training with Marc Savard, one student had a phobia about cats, and we all got to learn how to eliminate phobias with hypnosis.

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