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Rewired Inspired Podcast

Rewired Inspired

Welcome to “Rewired Inspired”, I am your host Elena Petrescu, former Accountant, now Hypnotist and Body Language Business Trainer.

My purpose is to help you rewire your mind to see infinite possibilities and inspire you to create them in your life and business.

I share tips, tools and strategies that help you quickly overcome challenges, eliminate doubt, remove self-imposed limitations, and create the life and business of your dreams. Good things happen to those who are inspired.

Inspired minds take action. Through inspired action one gains confidence, changes unwanted behaviour and habits, develops self-awareness and realizes their full potential.

You will hear from leaders that share their stories of transformation and how they transitioned from difficult situations towards genuine empowerment in their life and business.

You will learn how you can model their lessons and rewire-inspire your mind to quickly make your life and financial goals a reality.

Are you ready to be inspired?

Let’s get started.

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