Did you know that most of our communication is non-verbal?

That is correct 55% of our communications are non-verbal, 38% of our comminutions comes from voice intonation and only 7% of our communications comes from words that we say.

Imagine how different you would feel if you could tell whether someone was lying or telling you the truth. If you are a business owner, a coach, it is important to know what your client is feeling at a particular time.

Hypnosis taught me that the brain controls all behavior, we are all about feeling and emotions. When we feel something, we project that emotion, from simply scratching our nose or smiling, there is nothing that we do that is not governed or directed by the brain.

We use these behaviors to interpret what the brain is choosing to communicate. Our brain is designed to always protect us. Our limbic brain is the brain that reacts to the world in real time and without thought. It’s the brain that will reveal true feelings.

Emotions show us how other people are feeling and this information is necessary to know who may attack you or who might be your friend. Even animals have their signals to show their intentions and why they act in different ways towards their enemies and their trusted friends. They know exactly who their friend is or enemy.

This happens due to their instinctive emotion reactions. Emotions have the same protective functions for human beings. In our social environment we could not survive without our ability to distinguish emotions.

There are 7 Universal Emotions and 26 variations of those emotions. When you learn and master these universal emotions called “Micro Expressions” you can determine the meaning behind your client’s, friends, children’s facial expressions.

What Are Micro Expressions?

Micro Expressions are ½ second or shorter involuntary movements of the facial muscles. Most people are unable to control these involuntary muscle contractions which are affected by their emotions. It is an unconscious process. The seven Universal Emotions are: happiness, disgust, contempt, anger, fear, sadness and surprised.

Let us look at happiness emotion for example on the left, this emotion can be seen on someone’s face when both sides of the lip corners go up in a symmetrical manner.

This is particularly useful in daily life for example if you have a meeting with a potential client, and you want to go out for lunch to a restaurant nearby of his/her choice. You may say something along these lines. There is a Greek and an Italian restaurant nearby, and the moment you say Italian you see the happiness smile on your client’s face, that is the indication that he/she prefers Italian over Greek.

Micro Expressions are universal in each culture and everybody shows them the same way. Micro Expressions will help you recognize very accurately what others feel and think just by watching their non-verbal signs they cannot hide from you.